because your mental health matters.

Welcome to Campbell Health

Campbell Health was born with a simple mission. Bring the type of mental healthcare into the world – that I would both expect and demand – if I or a loved one were the patient.

It’s really that simple.

Our care is accessible, trauma and culturally informed, and delivered by some of the most compassionate, empathetic and skilled healthcare professionals in the country.

Thanks for trusting us. We’re stronger together.


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Family-Centered Care


Evidence-based & culturally safe.

Talking to a therapist can be one of the most difficult, but also most rewarding steps we take in our mental health journey. We honour your courage. Our focus is on trust, safety, empathy and allowing you to set the pace. All of our therapists have a minimum of a Master’s Degree and are trained in a range of evidence-based approaches, and have years of experience.

Finally, some true clarity.

For many of us, we’ve been left searching for answers when it comes to our own, or our children’s mental health or potential diagnosis and treatment. We understand just how frustrating this is, which is why our team of psychologists offer comprehensive mental health assessments, designed to accurately assess and diagnose (if appropriate) you or your child’s condition. Our aim is to provide answers, recommendations and direction.

Your team’s mental edge.

Psychology is as much or more about relationships, as it is about any one of us as individuals. Together we can accomplish so much more, become more fulfilled and enjoy positive relationships. But to do this, we need the mental skills, resilience and teamwork ability to work together, respond to setbacks and prevent burnout. Our team cannot wait to help your team explode through its goals this year!

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Our Team

Licensed Counselling Therapist

Josee Brun

Licenced Counseling Therapist

Mood and Anxiety, Teenagers, Relationships, Personal Development and Flourishing, Athletic and Work Performance.

Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Tessa Collette

Licensed Psychologist

Comprehensive Psychological Assessments (9+ years old).

Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Valerie McLaughlin

Licensed Psychologist

Psychological Assessments (Youth 5-15), Neurodiverse youth, Maternal Mental Health, Trauma and Attachment.

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