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What I do

I work with Adults 18+ who are looking for online therapy that suffers from anxiety disorders, anxiety-related disorders (e.g., perfectionism, health anxiety, OCD), mood disorders, emotional dysregulation and LGBTQ+ issues (e.g., internalized prejudice, coming-out process).

I come from a scientist-practitioner model of psychology; therefore, I value and use evidence-based practices. I have been trained in Cognitive-Behavioral (CBT), Dialectical-Behavior (DBT), Humanistic and Solution-Focused approaches to therapy.

In addition, my general approach to therapy is very much strength-based, as well as finding a healthy balance between validating the individual’s personal experiences and working on long term skills development.

How I can help

By working on collaboratively chosen goals, the purpose of the therapeutic process is usually twofold: decreasing psychological symptoms/suffering and increasing functioning in different aspects of an individual’s life. Ultimately, through evidence-based techniques, introspection and empowerment, clients work towards achieving their full potential as a human being. All this, in a safe non-judgmental environment.

My values

Family, authenticity, humility, integrity, science, diversity, social justice, travel/adventure/learning.